Public Project Deliverables

document titles in gray planned to be published by the project

WP1 Management and Coordination

D1.1 Project Presentation
D1.4 Final Project Report

WP2 Requirement Study for IPv6 QoS Measurement

D2.2 Global management architecture of measurement
D2.3 Operational Interoperability Needs
D2.4 The Needs of Consolidation
D2.5 Requirements on security in 6QM project
D2.6 6QM and ITU-T activities
D2.7 6QM and IETF activities
D2.8 Needs of conformance of 6QM with IPPM (IETF) charter
D2.9 Guidelines for IPv6 QoS measurement in home environments

WP3 Development of IPv6 Measurement Technology

D3.1 IPv6 QoS Measurement Specification
D3.3 Revised Specification
D3.4 Guidelines of IPv6 QoS Measurement

WP4 System Integration, Testing, and Evaluation

D4.2 Final System Test Report
D4.3 First Year Internal Test Report
D4.4 First Year Public Trial and Evaluation Report
D4.6 Second Year Public Trial and Project Evaluation Report

WP5 Dissemination, Liaison and Interconnection

D5.1 Dissemination & Use Plan
D5.2 6QM Website
D5.3 Report on Liaison
D5.4.1 Dissemination Activity Report (Year 1)
D5.4.2 Dissemination Activity Report (Year 2)

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